Friday, June 22, 2012

June Festival at the elementary school

22 June 2012

During the month of June it is traditional to hold festivals here. Traditions include a kind of mini carnival, certain regional foods, bonfires, and dressing like hillbillies. The local elementary school had a festival and since the majority of our child students go to that school, I went over to see it, and was amply rewarded by running into many of my students there.  I got to meet the children of my adult students and the parents of my child students. The decorations and festival were great and everyone looked to be having a wonderful time.

  The children's paintings were sweet!
Some friends I met up with by chance at the festival.
 I don't know whether this was a dad, a big brother, or just someone who wandered in, but he was REALLY hamming it up!

 View of the hall, it was very crowded and wonderfully decorated.
 Potato and Cheese Bread. I'm not sure whether this was one item or two.
 Dunno what these guys were announcing...
 ... but look at the reaction they got from the kids! Wooooowwwwwww!

 "Little Churrasco", aka shish kebabs.
 Some more of my wonderful girls!
 I love these flags, hand made from magazine pages.
 Popcorn booth.
 The fishing booth was hugely popular throughout the evening.
 Watch this little boy's face as he puts his line in...
 ... catches something, wow!
 And the cutest part, showing it to his sister.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure: adorable small children dancing!

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