Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cold and Lentil soup

07 June 2012

Made a bunch of back entries to the blog today. I guess I would never make it as a professional blogger because I seem to work in spurts rather than daily.

It's cold, and so am I.  I have had a cold/flu/whatever for the past week and then some, right when the weather turned cold. The temperature got close to freezing last night and it's not above 50 degrees today although it is sunny. My breath fogged the air even in the house. 

Lentils. I never thought much of them growing up. However, having had a very taste lentil stew here in Brazil on New Year's Eve, I thought now that the weather has turned suddenly and swiftly cold, I would try to make some lentils.

I made this lentil stew with lentils, potatoes, smoked sausage, onions, garlic, saffron powder, salt and pepper. Just 8 ingredients and it turned out pretty good! The saffron powder was also something I had never used, but I figured it would work as a substitute for cumin or curry powder.

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