Sunday, June 17, 2012

Churrasco Paulista

17 June 2012

One of my students and her family are from Sao Paulo, but they have taken to churrasco like fish to water. We had a lovely afternoon with delicious food and excellent company.

The indoor barbecue fireplace (churrascaria). Visible are fried cheese, garlic bread, pork ribs, beef, and chicken hearts.
 The asador (grillmaster).
 Stabbing the pineapple, which is coated in cinnamon sugar. Looked like the sword was going to go through the window with the force he put on it.

 Salad (obviously).
 Chicken hearts, something I never knew I could like before coming to Brazil.

 Dinner is served, buffet style.

 Looking at this picture with just a few weeks left in Brazil is breaking my heart a little bit. I will miss you all so much.
 The grilled pineapple at last, mmmmmmm.
This is not a good photo, as I took it out the window and don't have much of a zoom, but you can almost see two finches, the male of which was bright yellow, on a stalk of grass to eat the seeds - the female was hanging upside down above the male.

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