Saturday, April 16, 2011

Viktoriapark, Berlin

16 April 2011

After visiting the Tempelhof Airport park (see previous entry), we went to Viktoriapark in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.

There were some lovely buildings near the park.  I found the architecture of Berlin fascinating, probably because it's so much older than anything back home in California.  No prefabs here.

This structure seemed to have fallen into disrepair, poor thing.  If I win the lottery I'll buy it and fix it up...

 Entering into Viktoriapark, at first it looks like a really small park because it's on a hill.  However, it is about the size of a city block, and the shape of the landscape has been used to excellent effect, so that in some places it feels like a park and others it feels like a forest even though surrounded by city.

From the top of the hill you can see all the way to the center of Berlin.  This seems to be an artificial waterway, which had no running water when I was there.  It must be beautiful when the water is running, as it's designed to look like a natural river with cascades.

  At the highest point is a monument to battles fought during the Napoleonic wars.  

 From the monument I could see the remains of an old brewery interspersed here and there with the residential buildings.  Another thing on my list to explore next time I visit Berlin.
 Below the monument is a grassy area of the park that's a bit more typical of a city park.

 Leaving the park, here is the Kreuzberg district.  Quite busy area here with lots of foot traffic.  Did not explore here, again, one for the list.  Berlin is so big it was impossible to see everything in one trip.

I cannot remember the name of these buildings, maybe the old city hall and church?

Returning to the neighborhood of Tempelhof, we walked through the site of the Dorfkirche Tempelhof, one of the oldest structures in the area.  It is built beside a small lake, and has a tiny and very old cemetery on the premises.

Unfortunately, the doors were closed when we were there.  It would be interesting to see the inside of this church because it is really a simple old village church in contrast with the massive and ornate churches I've seen already.

This Easter tree was special because it was in blossom and the first leaves were starting to come out.

 Inside a friend's apartment - the antique glazed-tile fireplace is AMAZING.
 Views from the balcony.  What a pretty neighborhood.

 A bird was nesting in the balcony.

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