Monday, April 18, 2011

Berlin Mitte

18 April 2011

Here are some miscellaneous photos from wandering around the Mitte area in Berlin.

The red brick building below is called the Rotes Rathaus, or Red City Hall.

 The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) seemed like it followed me everywhere because it's so tall that it is visible from all parts of Berlin.  It was always sneaking up from behind buildings...
 This building is behind the Rotes Rathaus but I'm not certain what it is.
 One nice thing about cold winters, tulips bloom really well in the climate.

From here it's possible to see the golden dome of the Neue Synagoge (New Synagogue).  I didn't get to visit it on this trip, but I hope to see it next time.
 A view of the Friedrichswerder Kirche.  Due to a NATO conference this week, many areas were sealed off to the public, and the area around the church was one of these. Another place to put on my list for next trip.
 There was something significant about this building being renovated, but I don't remember what it was.

We walked down Unter Den Linden, the street that runs from downtown to the Brandenburger Tor.  It used to be the district where the wealthy lived and was the street on which to promenade and "be seen".

 The Potsdamer Platz area, which was bombed heavily during the war and later rebuilt in more modern styles.  What a contrast.
Tucked in amongst these buildings is the remnant of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtniskirche, one of the most famous postwar landmarks. Photos of it can be seen in my post entitled Gedaechtniskirche.
Two interesting things in this photo.  In the background is the Sony Pavilion, a kind of roof canopy shaped like Mt. Fuji.  In the foreground, the building is a very old building, the Esplanade, that was mostly destroyed, and rebuilt preserving the remnants of the original behind protective glass panes.

 A view into the courtyard beneath the Sony Pavilion.

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