Sunday, April 24, 2011


24 April, 2011

After the lake, we had dinner in a restaurant and then headed for Dresden, arriving there late at night, but being the weekend things were still lively.  Restaurants were busy, tourists walking about, and the cathedral was ringing the night before Easter bells.

This is the Frauenkirche.  It was about 80% destroyed by bombings, and has been restored.  You can see the dark "original" stones surrounded by the white new stones.
This is a chunkof the original dome from the top of the church, which has been completely rebuilt.

More manhole covers.  It would be cool if they were so interesting back home.  The first one has a map of the downtown area on it, the second and third have the city name and a coat of arms.

Walking away from the Frauenkirche through a little bright, busy alleyway of restaurants and bars, at the end was this very lovely old clock.
The river goes right through the city, and the lighted buildings look fabulous over the water.  I hope someday I will have the time and skill to try more night photos from the other side of the river with a view of the bridge, cathedral and palaces, as they were truly impressive.
Here is the cathedral.  The Easter bells were still ringing as I took this shot, echoing through the night.  It was truly awe-inspiring and brought tears to my eyes.
A palace on the left, the cathedral on the right, and an unknown building behind and center.  (Probably another palace.)
On the site of what was once the Sophienkirche is now a more modern looking building.  But enter, and the cellars have been preserved as a theme restaurant.  We were allowed to wander through freely as it wasn't busy.

Around every turn was another section, from small nooks to a cavernous area.  Each area had little variations on the theme: the alchemist's laboratory.
The wine cellar?
The torture chamber, now that was one table that didn't look so appetizing.
Even the mailboxes were works of art.
It was worth all the driving (thank you, my friend, for doing that!) to see Dresden even for just two brief hours.  The buildings were truly spectacular, even though my nighttime photography doesn't do them justice. I hope I get a chance to go there again.

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