Friday, April 8, 2011

More Berlin pictures

More pictures from the walkabout of downtown Berlin.  Just a few hundred meters from the door of St. Marienskirche is the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain).
Down the street is the Neue Wache, which houses a memorial to all who died in the war.  Apparently it used to hold an eternal flame, which has since been replaced by the statue.  I will post the sign because it describes it better than I can.

There was a round skylight in the ceiling which provided the only light in the room.  We came back later and the effect was quite different.  It made for a dramatic effect.

Not far away is the Neue Museum, in front of which is a green lawn with a fountain in the middle.  The museum is off the left side of the photo, and in the background you can see the building next door, the Berliner Dom (which will have its own entry).  When we got close, the sun was making rainbows in the fountain.  The first one is my back.  Even though it is sunny, I'm wearing at least two shirts and two jackets because "warm" here is not California warm!

 Sadly, there was no pot of gold.  Oh yeah, wrong country... rats.

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