Friday, April 8, 2011

Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom is so magnificent, I could spend weeks photographing it.  I've tried to narrow down to just a few pictures, but I'm rather obsessed with this building, especially the exterior.

 And now, the interior of the Dom.  

The paintings behind the altar were not stained glass, but rather paintings made on glass with light behind them, so they were really much more beautiful than they look in these pictures. 

 I see dead people...

Here is a video taken from the inside of the main part of the Dom to show the scale and how all the details fit together. 

There will be more to add to this entry, because we came back another day and I couldn't resist taking a hundred more pictures of it!


  1. the last I spoke with you, you had just become a new auntie and were considering South America for your next adventure. What happened? How did you end up in Germany? What are you up to there?

    There's a gap in your blog between coming home from China and launching for Germany...

  2. Catherine,the trip to Germany was for personal reasons which I have no intention of airing here. I will just say that all went wonderfully and will gladly fill you in when we talk next.

  3. Thanks, Mariska. I'm happy it was a vacation, and delighted that it sounded like a fun one. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics; I'll look forward to chatting with you on skype when you get home!

    *Hugs back at you!*