Friday, April 8, 2011


Alexanderplatz is the main station for the midtown (Mitte) area.  Coming up out of the U-Bahn, the first thing I saw was this cool fountain.
 Here's something I didn't expect: Art Deco architecture in the middle of the city.
 In this picture you can see the famous Fernseherturm (TV Tower), the Alexanderplatz station, and in the lower right, the Weltzeituhr (World Time Clock).
 A closer shot of the station and the clock.
 OMG, did the Colonel follow me here from China????
 The TV Tower in springtime.  Just moments before it was cold and cloudy; this was the first time the sun came out for me in Berlin.
 In the foreground is the base of the TV Tower and in the background is the spire of St. Marienskirche.
My new buddies, the larger than life Engels and Marx.  A girl likes to feel petite once in a while.
 There is a river called the Spree which winds through the downtown area, and there are a score or so of companies offering boat tours.
The pretzels are coming!
My first German pretzel. It got REALLY windy, which is why I am holding my hair and my eyes are squinted shut.
Apparently Russian souvenirs sell well here...?
 The Altes Museum (Old Museum).  I don't need to go into any of the museums because the history is all around me.
 The Deutsches Historisches Museum (Museum of German History), which was a palace during the Prussian Empire.
 Even the manhole covers are picturesque here!

Spaeter mehr (more later)...


  1. You like the manhole covers in Berlin? You should traval south to Saxony and see the manholecovers in Leipzig: (Leipzig is a better place anyway).

  2. Thanks Drainspotter, sorry I didn't reply right away. I had a look at your webpage and was thinking of it when I photographed them in Dresden. :)