Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This and That

15 May 2012

News of my life recently... I spent last week with some kind of tummy upset and didn't do much. This week I've started a membership at a local gym, last night was my first workout. I don't want to take all of Brazil home with me around my middle, so I want to slim down before I go.

Speaking of going home, I will be leaving Brazil on July 19th and arriving home in the USA on July 20th. The time seems to be speeding up as the end draws nearer. My remaining time here can now be measured in weeks rather than months - just 9 weeks left. I'm torn between feelings of not wanting to leave here and wanting to see my family again.
I have a few photos hanging around that don't fit into any particular category or event and didn't get uploaded at the time, so here is a batch of random stuff.

Giant chimarrão!!!
Watermelon Havaianas sandals. If they were in the right size I would have bought them for sure. Eu sento saudades de meus amigos melancios ultimamente!
 Moonrise from the balcony at school.
 Practicing my nighttime photography.
 A trumpet flower (?) behind my house.
 The two male cats getting some love.
 A sunset from the upper walkway at school.
 Coffee.  Best perfume ever.
 I love the animal pictures on the money here. I'm not sure if they are reforming all of the denominations, but they have certainly changed the R$50 bill; below are the old and new versions.
 A gorgeous yellow finch (?) outside my window one afternoon.

My new haircut, shown here as it was carefully styled and straightened by the salon... 
...and naturally curly, because I don't have the patience to spend 20 minutes fussing around with my hair every morning.

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