Saturday, May 5, 2012

Heilige Brew Pub

05 May 2012

Spent the evening at Heilige Brew Pub with some fabulous Brazilian friends. The pub had a good atmosphere and good snacks.

Normally it's the foreigners who are taking photos of everything as in the below picture, but here everyone is ALWAYS taking photos so we are not an unusual sight!

 Having a French fry light saber battle with my friend Darth Vader.  Looks like I'm losing...
This giant beer glass was a perk due to his being related to the owner. Here's to family!

Everyone was helping drink the giant beer. Since I don't like beer very much, I thought I'd try a little taste of home instead.
 This glass, even empty, weighed a ton and was as big as my head!

A group photo with our waiter, who we had also encountered serving drinks at Herois do Tempo
Some before-and-after shots:
 ... and after.
... and after.

Wait wait, one more photo before we leave!

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