Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday party - Mamma Mia, Alvinho!

27 April 2012

Nothing goes together like birthdays and pizza! (Anyone remember Chuck E. Cheese?)

Before the food, the presents...

... and group photos, of course!

 Yay, the food's here! (This photo was not a "gotcha" moment, it was posed.)

 The two foreigners... hey, I hadn't noticed that we were color coordinated.

 Haha, that is the birthday boy sticking out his tongue in the background!
 We sang the birthday song over and over randomly throughout the evening, too funny.

 Birthday kisses.

 I guess it wouldn't do to let the last of the wine in the carafe go to waste.


  1. Amazing party with my friends!!! LV U!!!!

  2. AshuAhsuAHUSS! This pictures is very funny! =D ILY! s2