Saturday, May 12, 2012

Autumn, a new hairstyle, and art

11 May 2012

Today it was sunny but the air temperature was cool, I even wore long sleeves all day. We have one gum tree on the property, the only tree whose leaves turn fall colors. I love the wheelbarrow full of leaves.

 Finally got my hair cut.  I don't know how these stylists manage to make my hair straight like this, had to take a picture just to prove it was really straight.

Went to see a painting exhibition at Casa des Artes in which a dear friend is showing some of her paintings. This first group of paintings are hers.

 The other artists' work was beautiful as well so I took pictures around the gallery.

 The building is very old and the original architecture is decaying but can be seen around the ceiling and behind the facade the artwork is hung on.

And another shot of the new hairstyle, in front of my house.  

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