Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rainy Fall Day

05 April 2012

This morning we had a big thunderstorm, with some quite loud cracks of lightning, rain, and enough wind to knock the power out.  The rest of the morning was a steady drizzle which stopped around noon, although it's still cloudy and looking like it could rain again.

Most of the trees here are not deciduous, so the majority of the school grounds are still quite lush, but the first of the few deciduous trees dropped quite a few leaves in the storm making for a nice fall photo opportunity.

You could mistake this bench for anywhere in the world.

 But wait, the last week was warm and dry and summery, so this lily is quite confused and thinks that it's spring!
 Raindrops on some giant spiky aloe type thing.

This weekend is Easter, so the kids today were out on the porch in the drizzle, painting plastic Easter eggs with tempera paint and glitter. What a mess. Luckily, I found out what most primary school teachers must already know: tempera paint washes out easily, even from the white shirt I foolishly wore, hallelujah!

I did word clouds with all my students in different age groups about Easter, and it took me a full day to figure out why no one came up with "spring"... Easter is not in the springtime here. The things we take for granted.

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