Friday, April 6, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt

29 March 2012

Today the weather was beautiful, so I had my class do a nature scavenger hunt.  Each team was given the following clues and had to find the item and take a photograph of themselves with the item.

c   Find something that is white.
c   Find something that an anteater would eat. 
c   Find something that is over a thousand years old.
c   Find something a bird might like to eat.
c   Find something a rabbit would eat.
c   Find a leaf that was eaten by an insect.
c   Find a flower petal.
c   Find a piece of bark that is on the ground.
c   Find something a bird might use to make a nest. (nest = a bird’s home)
c   Find something that has seeds inside.
c   Find something that humans can eat.                    
c   Find a plant that grows on another plant.

It took most of the class period and was a lot of fun.  Here are the photos they took.

One error I made is that I neglected to instruct them in advance not to pull parts off of living plants, so a couple of flowers and fruits were casualties to this activity. Lesson learned by the teacher as well as the students.

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