Friday, April 6, 2012

Josie and the Full Moon

06 April 2012

To celebrate Good Friday, I had a day of rest. Tomorrow will be a big day with a hike and rappel, and on Easter Sunday I will attend my first Catholic Mass.

I have had a cold/flu cycle the last two weeks that I don't wish to repeat, so I decided to give my immune system a rest.  It was sunny, but without the crushing heat of summer and I spent some time relaxing in the sunshine which now feels like a friend rather than an enemy.

I had a visitor this afternoon.  Josie must be pregnant again, because she is normally very aloof but becomes very needy when she is in the family way and wants to come in my house and sleep on my furniture. One of her kittens from the litter last fall is also pregnant, so soon the place will be swarming with kittens.

Tonight is the full moon (does Good Friday always fall on the full moon?), and my fascination with it as strong as ever.  I had a little more success photographing it tonight and tried some different angles and options.  I wonder if there is anything I can do to sharpen it up more using my little camera's manual settings, the use of which are a complete mystery to me, or if I need a more powerful lens to get the moon into sharp and detailed focus.

In the next two photos you can see the thin layer of clouds surrounding the moon.

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