Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big dogs and churrasco

12 November 2011

This afternoon I went to lunch with some of my wonderful Brazilian friends - I thought I was meeting two friends, but typical Brazilian style, the lunch soon grew to eight people!

One of my adult English students invited me for dinner at her family's home in the evening, which was a real treat.  There were just five people present, so when the conversation was in Portuguese I was able to participate without too much difficulty, which was good practice for me.

She has a huge Rottweiler "puppy".

He isn't accustomed to outsiders, so it took him a little time to determine whether I was friend or foe.  Sadly, once he decided I was his ":friend", it was necessary to put him outside because he became a bit overexcited at having a new friend. (It is hard to ignore play requests from a 50 kg dog.)
 This was not terribly effective, since he just kept coming back in through the open window...

Meanwhile, at the indoor fireplace grill... all kinds of YUM was happening.  Here are the meats just beginning to roast over the churrasco:  beef, leg of lamb, and sausages.
 Before the end of this year, I hope I will figure out how to combine the colors of the below photo and the clarity of the above photo in low light.

Some time later... her father is beating the leg of mutton to knock off the rock salt before bringing it to table.  The mutton was marinated in beer and crusted in salt, which he told me counteracts the gamy/sweet flavor of the sheep.  He must be right because the result was delicious.

I kept meaning to get a photo of all of us together, but between the dog, the vermouth, the conversation, the food and everything, somehow the group pic never materialized.  :(

NOTE TO SELF: always take group photos!!!!!

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