Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teacher's Day dinner and Oktoberfest

15 October 2011

It was Teacher's Day in Brazil and our employers took us all to dinner in a really nice restaurant called "Pasta".  
 Unlike back home, the pasta was served Brazilian style, with the waiters bringing around each dish and serving it onto each person's plate.
 As we were planning to go ot Oktoberfest afterward, we were all in our "traditional German costumes".  Cute, huh?
 Finally in the Oktoberfest on the final Saturday night!  The dance hall was beautifully decorated and a live band was playing on stage.  That's about as long as we stayed in there, it was crowded like a mosh pit.  If my foot hadn't been injured I'd have waded into the middle of it, but as it is I was terrified that someone would land one of those spiked heels on my foot.

There was a good sized crowd outside, too.
Brazilian Mounties!
By the last night there were not many people in traditional costume, although coming in costume allows one free admission and bypassing the lines at the front gate.  Everyone in costume is referred to as "Fritz" or "Frida" here.  There is a F&F couple standing in front of the Ferris wheel.
Soccer (football) is everywhere.  The symbols on the gaming table are those of the two major teams here.
 The festival snacks are a bit different, too.  Freshly made orange and pineapple juice, and freshly made potato chips.
 I couldn't dance... but I could FILM!  The lone male in our quartet of the evening took the other girls for a quick spin on the dance floor near the entrance, which was not nearly so crowded but certainly popular!

Most of the dancers were in regular clothing, but there were a handful of other "Fritz and Fridas" dancing.  Waiting around the other side was a large group of folk in matching costumes, so I assume they were a dance troupe, but was not there at the right time to see their performance.

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