Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday afternoon at Oktoberfest

16 October 2011

After lunch, we went to Oktoberfest again.  I thought it funny that we went to Oktoberfest in Brazil in a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.  There are more VW Beetles here than in Germany!

There was a large enclosed shopping area to the left here.  It was a long serpentine, with one way in and out, and hot as an oven.  I thought it might sell Oktoberfest-themed goods, but mostly it was just everyday items - shoes, handbags, clocks, household goods, and so on.
 I love this bicycle train!
 On the left you can see the security post - these were throughout the park, along with motorcycle and horse mounted officers.  Good to have, when there are thousands of people drinking in one place!
 Me with "Max and Milli".  Hey, look, my head doesn't look big in this photo!
 The outside of the park.
The bicycle train followed me out?

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