Monday, October 31, 2011

School Halloween Party #2

31 October 2011

Today was the second Halloween party.

The first activity was face painting for everyone.

 The kids loved to paint the teachers - although they kept being dissatisfied with their work and made me go wash my face about five times!

Most of the children wore costumes, and those that didn't, painted their faces and arms, which they were delighted to show off.

Teachers, too!

Same procedure as the previous party: group photos.  The first photo is of all the kids at once.
Then by teacher.

Trick or treating went so fast with this group that I could hardly keep up to take photos!

Next up, the races.  The sack race was great fun, although the sacks were so weak that the kids' feet were sticking out by the second run.

The balloon race, scene of destruction for balloons everywhere...

 The three-legged race, look at these girls GO!

In the evening we again had a party for the adults; this time I got to participate in the apple-bobbing competition, sadly the demise of my face-paint designs!

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