Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Halloween Party #1

27 October 2011

Today the school had the first of two Halloween party days - today was for the Tuesday/Thursday students, and there will be another on the 31st for the Monday/Wednesday students.

A little class time before the Halloween activities.
 My student showing off the adorable bat she made at school.  The head and body are made of balls of newspaper and then painted.
Group photo time!  Each class had photos with their teacher.

 Trick-or-treating time, there were three different doors on the property for the kids to knock on.

 Race time!  The first race was with a balloon between the knees.  The balloons were popping like crazy.

 Next up, the three-legged race.

In the evening there was a party for the adults featuring snacks, beer (hey, this is Brazil!) and bobbing for apples.

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