Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa Cruz Oktoberfest Parade, part 2

16 October 2011

More photos from the parade!

But first, a video, so that you can really get that Brazilian-German Oktoberfest vibe.

And now, the fairy children... so cute!

Fritz and Frida each had a Jeep and they were dancing around playing havoc with the shock absorbers of the poor vehicles.  Behind them is a third Jeep containing their offspring, Max and Milli.
This float was entitled "Jack and the Beanstalk" and featuredchildren dressed as various fairytale characters.
They gave out free cardboard Oktoberfest hats along the parade route so that everyone could get into that Germanic spirit.

This float was accompanied by samples of cake and sausages - don't ask me why.

This giant beer keg was the last float of the parade.

After it passed, many spectators fell in behind to follow it down the street (including us).
Aren't they sweet?

This wonderful young lady was the one responsible for organizing the costuming for all of us, including taking us to a seamstress and purchasing the materials.  She put a lot of effort into this and she is AWESOME. <3
A seller of pinwheels, how cool is that!  Behind him you can see the people in the city hall plaza watching the last bit of parade go by.

More wonderful friend photos! :D

In the last pic you can see that I was still using one crutch.  Thank goodness I brought it, because we walked quite a bit this afternoon.

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