Sunday, October 16, 2011


16 October, 2011

A Brazilian friend of ours invited us to her home for dinner this evening, where we were graciously received by her mother and herself.  How wonderful!

We started out by watching some Kylie Minogue concert videos and drinking caipirinhas.  To my surprise, caipirinhas are drunk in the same fashion as chimarrao, one takes a sip and passes it on.  I found this out because they handed me the drink first and when I didn't pass it on I got teased... boy was I embarrassed!

 In the massive cast iron pot is galinhada, which is chicken and rice Brazilian style.  Yum!  The chicken is not shredded but rather left in pieces - a lot less work for the cook.
The happy group!  Our hostesses are in the center.

And another photo of the school garden, as usual.

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