Friday, October 7, 2011

A bad sprain

07 October 2011

Wednesday was the first day of the ten-day Oktoberfest here in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil.  I got home a little after 9:00pm, and was making a smoothie for a late night dinner, when I heard the fireworks going off outside.  So I went out into the garden to have a look.  The fireworks were quite beautiful.

Wanting a better look, I was scouting the grounds looking for a better view around all the obstacles.  I walked across the porch of the workshop and at the other end of the porch (which was dark, as the lights hadn't been turned on), I stepped down one step... not remembering that there are TWO steps there.

Landed on the top of my foot, twisting my ankle with all my weight coming straight down on it.  There was a disgusting popping feeling and instant pain.  I lay there for a few moments with the dogs barking at me, then decided I had better get up and see if I could stand on it.  I hobbled painfully back to my house and proceeded to panic for a while. Put ice on my foot and phoned a friend and my mother and talked with them until I felt calm enough to go to sleep, as the foot didn't seem to be broken.

On Thursday I went to the hospital for X-rays and nothing showed up broken so I got some bandages and crutches and anti-inflammatory medicine. Hoping it will heal quickly!

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