Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Oktober Park

05 October 2011

Took a walk with some of my students today.  I was teaching them how to give directions.  They wanted to go and see the Oktoberfest Park, even though the festival has not started yet.

Part of the Oktoberfest is a mini amusement park with half a dozen or so rides.

This ride is called "Samba" and I was honestly rather shocked to see the blatantly sexual images painted around it - kids ride on this, for heaven's sake.
Quick and crazy roller coaster, looks like a good ride.
The entrance to the "Tunnel of Terror".  Creepy image.
The outside entrance of the park, which looks like this year round.
The boys were kicking over mounds of dirt, which to my horror turned out to be huge anthills.  Ew.

Back at home, a blackberry blossom in the garden.

This is Tigro, the oldest cat.  

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