Friday, July 29, 2011

Second Grammar Class

It has been raining for three days now.  There was a break yesterday just long enough for me to go downtown to buy a hair dryer, an umbrella and some stationery supplies. The area between my cottage and the school is one giant puddle and by hopping carefully I can still get across it with only minor shoe sloshage.  Thi sis good because I have only one pair of shoes, all the rest are sandals.

The small cat, Josie, has decided that this cottage belongs to her.  She is very sweet, and I love having a cat around, but it also makes me very nervous because firstly, I fear she will start "marking" in the house, and secondly, she is pregnant and I don't want a litter of kittens in here!  (Am I the only one thinking "Oh, no, not again"?)

The second grammar class went wonderfully.  My presentation and my activities were successful, and the students were using the present tense more carefully by the end of class.  I think the activities were fun.  Sadly, the two students at a slightly lower level that I worked so hard to adjust tonight's lesson for did not attend.  I really hope they will come back next week.  In any case, it was good for me to re-think how to structure the lesson, so they have taught me something.

I have one private lesson tomorrow morning (Saturday) and that's it until Monday morning.  

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