Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First grammar class

Today I worked on lesson materials and plans most of the day again.  The first grammar class was far from perfect, as the material was quite difficult for two of the students and ok for the other two. One activity went really well.  It was harder to get the students talking than in the private lessons.  At least now I know them and their levels, so I have a better idea what to do in the future.  Another good thing is that I have enough subject material prepared to see me through the next week - I just need to add some more activities. 

That about does it for the first-day jitters, at least until the semester starts in a couple of weeks.  We are teaching between-semester intensives now.  Private lessons continue to go smoothly - in fact this evening's student booked an extra lesson for Saturday morning, which I take to be a good sign. 

Tomorrow I have just two private lessons in the evening, so I can get some errands done in the morning.  I really need a hair dryer; the humidity is around 90% and I'm afraid that if I wash my hair it will never dry and get moldy.  It's very hard to get the bathroom towels to dry.  The weather forecast shows rain the next 5 days.  Good thing I washed clothes on the last sunny day!

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