Friday, June 17, 2011

Brazil Visa

I've just come from the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles; I have my passport with the visa page in it.  This is really happening!  Finally I can allow myself to believe it and get excited.  I leave on July 20th from LA (actually on the 21st at 1:30am, but since I must leave home on the 20th, that's the date that I need to keep in mind).

Starting next week, I'll be traveling around the USA by car for about three weeks, visiting my relatives, and after that, I'll have about ten days to prepare and pack for Brazil. Will also get the final crown put on my tooth - it's a long time to have the temporary crown, but hopefully it will hold up until then. I'm really glad I got the vaccinations finished already.

I've already started working on Portuguese language learning materials; that is one thing that I can do during the long hours driving across the US.  


  1. I'm happy and excited for you. Thank you for allowing me to keep up with you on your blog! I can't wait to read all about your adventures! Alicia

  2. Thanks, Alicia! Don't forget to look up my previous posts on vaccinations, too... ;)