Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home from Kunming

The trip to Kunming was a success, will write about it tomorrow; right now I want to go to sleep. Just got home after adventures in traveling - canceled flight today was a bit tricky, and I had some trouble getting a cab home, but finally made it.

Got an email today saying that I will be teaching promos the next two evenings, no rest for the weary. Don't know yet how the kitten is doing or whether it has been placed in a home (that is probably too much to hope for). Will find out tomorrow morning.


UPDATE: After writing the above, I went into the kitchen only to discover that I had left the fridge unplugged when I heated water the morning I left. Spent an hour cleaning out the smelly hairy melted stuff in the fridge and taking it all to the garbage. Woohoo.

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