Thursday, September 24, 2015

Viktoriapark Berlin

24 September 2015

I have been here before, but I really like this little park. The lower part is on a steep hillside and has been artfully designed to look natural, with a forested area and twisty footpaths throughout.

At the top you can look down and there is a lawn for recreation. There was a drum circle going on down there, and people playing football (that means soccer for the American readers). I really have to wonder, though, who saw this lovely park and thought that the one thing that it needed was giant size sculptures of toothpaste tubes?

This is not a terrific photo for detail, but looking straight downhill, there is an artificial stream with waterfall, and it is pointing in a line toward downtown Berlin. I could see the TV tower, the Domes, and the golden angel in the distance.

At the top is a monument commemorating famous battles. It is really beautiful and feels like the top of the world. I sat with a friend on the steps of the monument in the late afternoon sun and fed the begging sparrows crumbs from our snack.

Here is the view up the stream from street level, at the top is the monument.

Couldn't resist the chance to stop by Sarotti Cafe again as it was nearby.

Ended up going to a different cafe for tea, just to try something new, but it was pretty ordinary. I'll be going to Sarotti's next time.

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