Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spy Museum Berlin

23 September 2015

Today's adventure: a visit to the Spy Museum Berlin. The museum just opened on September 19th, so it's  brand new and many of the locals hadn't even heard of it yet. Here we are, ready to give it a go!

I failed the first spy test, getting through the door after paying the fee. After stepping inside you have to stand perfectly still.... NOT turn around so a friend can snap your photo. I had to come back out and go through the ordinary door.

I really do intend to read or watch "The Da Vinci Code" one of these days.

The Enigma machine. I didn't know anything about it when we were in the museum, but, as I'm writing this after the fact, on the plane home they showed the film "The Imitation Game" which was about the British team set to break the code generated by this WW2 German encryption machine. Really interesting film.

The following are several examples of manual decoders.

I regret that I was educated after the sliderule went out of use, I would love to know how to use one.

Who remembers punch cards? Me!

The museum has on display loads of cool spy gadgets, the briefcase looks a bit bulky but for its time it was pretty genius.

Tie clip camera, glass eye, lipstick pistol. The eye looks painful, ugh.

Notice the tiny handwriting on the button and on the back of the stamp.

I am impressed that not only could someone write that small, but with neat penmanship as well.

It seems that the airplane wanna-be shoe bomber of a few years back wasn't very original after all.

Must... take... photo in car!

I had one of these! I wish I had known it was a secret spy device, that would have made math a whole lot more interesting.

The German word for poison is "Gift", it gives a whole new meaning to the expression "gift-giving". I like all the old glass bottles.

The umbrella gun looks like a swimming squid. It would be kind of funny to shoot ink.

There was a whole section devoted to James Bond films, including displays of props, costumes and memorabilia.

 Unfortunately, the bookshelves were locked under glass, but there was an interesting selection in the museum shop (should I call it a gift shop?).

There was a laser obstacle course to try, and it filmed your attempt in infrared, with the option to have it emailed to you. My friend got through it like a champion!

I, on the other hand, missed the starting timer, and then couldn't see the laser lines at all and was totally guessing where to go based on the points of light on the wall.

mary hat Level 1 des Laserparcours in 00:23 min versucht, aber leider nicht geschafft
mary has unfortunately failed at level 1 of the laser maze in 00:23 min.

Clearly, I was not meant to be a spy. Oh well!

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