Saturday, September 19, 2015

On the way to adventure! (Day 1)

19 Sept 2015

My long-awaited vacation is finally here! In the next two weeks I will be travelling to Turkey, Germany and Norway.

I discovered that it costs the same to have a 2-hour layover as it does to have a layover of 23 hours and 50 minutes. More than 24 hours and it is treated as a separate destination, with the result that the ticket price shoots up exponentially. So, I decided to use this opportunity to spend a day in Istanbul - a city I never thought I would see, in one of the oldest regions of civilization in the world. I am feeling really excited as I start out the journey on the Santa Barbara Airbus, which will take me the two hours to Los Angeles to catch my flight.

In preparation for spending the next 20 or so hours travelling and mostly unable to leave my seat, since the bus wasn't crowded, I took the back seat and spent some time in a restorative yoga pose (creatively entitled "Legs Up The Wall"). Relaxing and keeps my legs from swelling on the plane.

Time to sit up... I have arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The lines were not long, so I had about 2 hours to wait in the airport. I found an entire gate area that was deserted and staked out a spot to do some yoga. I had time for the entire "Let It Go Yoga" series, some standing poses, and a full Savasana (rest period). I just ignored the passersby looking at me, figuring they probably wished they were doing yoga too instead of dragging their luggage through the airport.

It turned out that this was a great choice, because I slept better and longer than I EVER have on an airplane, about 6 hours, and didn't have extreme pain at the end of the 12+ hour flight, even though the seats were really cramped.


  1. I should do some yoga next time I fly- good idea!

    1. It helped tremendously, Holly, I totally recommend it. Not saying the flight was COMFORTABLE, of course, since I can't afford first class, but being able to sleep made a world of difference.