Monday, September 21, 2015

Goodbye Istanbul

21 Sept 2015

I took the tram back to the street near my hotel, and hit the little restaurant alley once more, finally getting to taste the Turkish coffee as it is meant to be drunk.

With baklava on the side... but that's just me. After all the shop windows full of different varieties of baklava, I couldn't leave Turkey without having a piece. And yes, it was every bit as decadent as it looks, covered in ground pistachios. Yum.

The coffee is served in this beautiful cup holder and traditionally comes with water to cleanse the palate.

Ta-dahhhh! The moment I've waited for since landing in Istanbul!

It tastes nothing like the bitterness of espresso, more like the rich earthiness of a very high quality dark chocolate. I ordered mine sweet, and they cook the sugar into it so even the sugar is a bit carmelized, adding to the complexity. It was worth the wait.

This was a traditional coffee seller nearby (he was not in sight at the moment or I would have bought from him just to watch his method). The cone shaped things have hot coals underneath, and I am guessing the little coffee pot goes on top of the cone to heat it quickly.

My last few minutes of freedom on the way back to the hotel... I saw this little washing fountain, I couldn't see a mosque nearby but perhaps it was hidden or not so fancy.

Notice the little bar of soap...

Snapping some final pictures on the shuttle ride to the aiport... here we are passing by the port by the Spice Market again.

Can't tell in this picture, but there are lots of fishermen on the bridge in some spots. I was told that boats park near the side of the bridge and sell fish sandwiches right there. I needed more time!

I also heard that the boat cruises are very nice and worth a day trip.

The other side of the bridge seems to be where the more wealthy sections are. It is much more forested than I expected, really lovely area.

And yet another bridge, I think maybe this is the one that crosses to the Asian continent.

The water sparkling on the sea was so beautiful, couldn't do it justice with my tiny camera in a moving vehicle.

A little bit of Brazil in the airport... I adore my Havaianas, but these were selling for an outrageous 33 Euros!!! Amazing.

The plane that will take me away...

Goodbye Istanbul, I love you!

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