Saturday, February 28, 2015

Birthday Dinner at Opal Restaurant

28 February 2015

Several people recommended Opal Restaurant & Bar to me, so for my birthday dinner with my parents, I decided to give it a try. We arrived around 5:40 or so, and we got the last table that was not reserved (birthday luck).

The menu has so many wonderful things on it that it was very difficult to make a decision, but eventually I decided on the salmon in coconut-banana-Thai red curry sauce. It was delicious, the presentation was beautiful, and the portion size was perfect.

For my birthday dessert, I chose the Dark Chocolate Pecan Tart. Imagine a shortbread crust, filled with a brownie, topped with pecan halves.

AND it came with an edible chocolate and raspberry birthday greeting right on the plate, how awesome is this?

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

SBGAL: Jesusita Trail to Inspiration Point

28 February 2015

Today the Santa Barbara Girlfriends Adventure League hike was up Jesusita Trail from the water treatment plant up to Inspiration Point. The weather was cool and beautiful, and due to the rain we had a couple of weeks ago, there were an amazing variety of native plants in bloom.

Everyone loved the awesome ear warmer Miz D was wearing, very stylish! I just might try making something like this...
 First pause at the picnic tables to regroup. 

 There is a fungus among us! The shapes and colors and patterns are so beautiful, like ocean waves.

In the next two photos, remnants of the fire are quite visible, but it's heartening to see how much has grown back already.

We made it! (In case there was a doubt..)
 Gorgeous view from up here.

 Snack time!
 No wait, make the cell phone time!
 She caught me. Yes, I too was using my cell phone to take photos! It is so much smaller than my camera I have only been carrying it with me.

I love SBGAL! ♥

Saturday, February 21, 2015

SBGAL: Baron Ranch Trail

21 February, 2015

Today's Santa Barbara Girlfriends Adventure League hike was up the Baron Ranch Trail, near Gaviota.

Ready, get set....


 A pause at the beginning of the loop portion of the trail.

The house ruins. Just a one room house with no windows, but what a beautiful location.
 Finally passed the top and heading down again, what a view. We are hoping these clouds will bring some desperately needed RAIN.
We saw several newts in the woods, cute little naked vulnerable creatures. They are rather hard to spot as they are just the color of the fallen leaves around there; thank heavens we didn't step on any, as we had 17 people in the group.
 Another pause, for a discussion about shoes and socks for hiking. Timely, as I discovered on this hike that apparently my toes have grown, or something, since I last wore these hiking boots regularly some years ago. The tips of my toes are sore and feeling a bit raw. Time for new boots.

 Home by 11:00AM, to have the rest of the day free (after showering off the ticks and poison oak!). Great way to start the weekend!