Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sprachenatelier Language School

23 May 2013

This trip, rather than sightseeing like a fiend, I decided to spend my time taking a German course at one of Berlin's many private language schools. Two weeks went by in a flash and I wish it could have been longer, but two weeks of classes at three hours per day (plus homework) helped me improve tremendously.

Here are some pictures taken in and around my language school. Not my best photography ever, but you get an idea anyway.

The school is located on Frankfurter Allee. Here you can see the two towers of the historical Frankfurter Tor on either side of the street.  Between them and farther along is the Fernsehturm or TV tower, which acts as a compass, pointing out the center of Berlin no matter where you go.

The name of the school is Sprachenatelier, and it is in the most amazing old building. I am not so knowledgeable about architecture, but based on its appearance and that of the building behind it, I would guess that it was built after World War I during the Art Deco period.

As seen from the opposite side of the street:

Standing in front of the sign and the central gate which leads to the courtyard and back buildings:

Looking back toward the street through the courtyard gate. The courtyard was where we could park our bicycles.

View looking up the Sprachenatelier building from the back/courtyard side. At right was the most amazing staircase. Sadly my photos of the inside of the staircase did not turn out.

Window detail on the building directly behind at the back of the courtyard. That building housed some sort of rehab center, I think. Through the downstairs window I could see the cooks preparing meals in the large kitchen.

The entry of the building as seen from inside. Gorgeous details, if only you could see them in the photo.

Here are the amazing inlaid wood panels to the left and right in the above photo.

The handrail going up the stairwell was also original wood, and the doors on each landing had similar gorgeous inlaid wood designs. 
 And last, but not least: the bakery where I spent each morning before class having coffee and doing my homework. They had fabulous belegtes Brötchen (open faced sandwich on a freshly baked roll)., Yummmm. Good thing I was doing so much bicycling.

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  1. there is another really good language school in berlin you should check out next time! :)