Friday, September 28, 2012

Crouching Cat, Dragon Fruit

28 September 2012

A fruit became ripe on one of the cacti which earlier had produced the outrageously huge white blossoms, and I was very curious to know what it was like inside.

The flesh inside is amazingly similar to that of the Dragon Fruit, which I ate often when I was living in China. The color and texture of the outer skin is also somewhat similar, although without the "scales" that give the Dragon Fruit its name. I would not be at all surprised to discover that the plants were closely related.

The texture is the same - like a kiwi with crispy little tart seeds. The flavor of the fruit is slightly different, reminding me a little of flowers or passionfruit. I highly doubt that I will ever get the two fruits side by side for a taste test, though.

And in other news... where is my cat? Hmmmm....
He likes to hide under/behind things and then jump out and "tag" me (he doesn't use his claws, so it reminds me of playing tag). It always makes me laugh when he hides like this because he thinks he is cleverly hidden, but his backside is totally sticking out. I gamely walk back and forth wondering aloud where he is until he "surprises" me. Here he is stalking my toes.
 Awwww, all worn out from playing.

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