Sunday, July 15, 2012

Festa Fantasia (Costume Party) e despedida

15 July 2012

To celebrate my departure (hey, that doesn't sound right), my Brazilian friends organized a party for me... a costume party... but not just any costume party, a "crazy" costume party. And it was crazy and hilarious and wonderful.

 The guys putting on makeup in the bathroom - hey, wait a minute! ???

 Kiss, kiss!!!

Makeup complete, time for the Grand Entrance Parade!

There were extra costume bits for those who came without costumes, so many of the costumes "evolved" during the course of the evening as someone would see some accessory they liked better and swap clothes.
 Case in point - wasn't he wearing a hat earlier? and only one dress?
True love?

Friends forever.

With this group, a Line Dance was inevitable - and very funny!

What's wrong with this picture?

The Odd Couple.

The group photo - my last one?

DJ's at work.
Thanks for the dance! :)

The guys performing the very risqué Bottle Dance.

And it isn't a proper party until someone dances on the table, right?
 Going away gifts - you would not believe how much bubble wrap I used on that bottle of cachaça to bring it home in my suitcase!

Thank you all. For accepting me as your friend and including me in your lives. For making me learn Portuguese the hard way. For the good times, the food, laughter, music and chimarrão. For making my year in Brazil one of the best years of my life. I will never forget.
Muito obrigada a todos os melâncios para me aceitar como sua amiga e me incluir em suas vidas. Obrigada para me assistir de aprender portugués. Obrigada para os bons tempos, comidas, risada, música e chimarrão. Obrigada para fazer o meu ano no Brazil um dos melhores da minha vida inteira. Eu nunca vou esquecer. Beijos.

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