Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing Cactus Flowers

23 July 2012

Just after I arrived home, one of the cacti in the backyard began to bloom... and bloom... and BLOOM. Normally this type of cactus has just a few blossoms, but at its peak, this one had over 60 flowers on it. I counted several times to be sure, and I still could hardly believe it!

Each blossom is about a handspan in diameter, and amazingly fragrant. With so many at once, the scent perfumed the air all around.
My mom enjoying the cactus fragrance.

 This was taken yesterday morning, at which time the blossoms at top left hadn't opened yet. The first count was about 25 blossoms.

My mom demonstrating some flower yoga. :)
 This picture was a bit later, and the two blossoms at upper left were halfway open. I was trying to count the blossoms - they look different front and back and are kind of squashed together, making it very hard not to lose count. At this time there were about 40.

A view from the back side - this shows why it was difficult to get an accurate count.

 The bees loved the flowers and it was fun to watch them in the late afternoon.

In some places you can buy honey which is entirely from cactus flowers. It must be wonderful, I will have to try it someday.

 Closeup of the center of the flower.
 Reaching to the sky - I think the little fuzzy balls mean that we may be in for more blooming later on, if conditions stay favorable.
 Wall of flowers!
   Vanity pictures - a Brazilian habit! ;)

This photo shows the blossoms at their peak, when I counted more than 60. Such a marvel.

And here's a mystery cactus blooming nearby. I can't decide whether I find it beautiful or not, but it's definitely interesting in both color and shape. Reminds me a bit of sea anemones.

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