Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Concert: Nenhum de Nós

15 March 2012

I was invited by a friend (thank you!!!!) to go to a free concert at the local university campus (UNISC), featuring a prominent band from this region called Nenhum de Nós - I guess you could call it "gaúcho rock" because it was popular music with just a hint of redneck in the accompaniment: banjo, accordion, and acoustic guitar.  The accordionist even wore one of those flat black Zorro-style cowboy hats.

The crowd, mostly university students, was very enthusiastic - unfortunately the venue was just a food court so it was spilling outside the area and difficult to see.  I wish I had been standing where some of these photos were taken instead of peering over people's heads - although I suppose it was cooler on the outside.

This photo is from the band's official site.
I think that this photo was taken by a photographer from the university, since they were up on the roof of the concession buildings.  After the concert, I found out that not only had many of my friends attended the show (I didn't encounter a single one), one of them was even responsible for the "Free Hugs" sign in the middle.
 These were taken by a friend and are much closer to the stage than off to the side where I was standing.

Ironically, one of the band's most popular songs is a cover of David Bowie's "Starman" and they performed it as an encore.  Later at home I watched David Bowie perform it on YouTube... I had somehow managed to erase from my mind the freaky and embarrassing things people wore in the 70's, but now they are burned onto my retinas.

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