Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 4: Parque das Aves

25 February 2012

Very near the entrance to the national park where the waterfalls are, and often overlooked, is the Parque das Aves or bird park.  It was not on our itinerary, but when we saw the signs for it, we made arrangements to go.  It was time very well spent - in fact, we wished the tour guide had allowed us more time here as we had just about 90 minutes and didn't get to every exhibit in the park.
 There were parrots in a wide variety of colors, very beautiful.
 This one had feathers that reminded me of an eagle.

 This guy was hanging out where the people were, but in the background, the others were playing on a hanging perch together.  It was really cute.

Closer view of the birds playing. 
 Some very sweet macaws getting some lovin'. 

No idea what bird this is. Looks like Thanksgiving to me!

In one of the large aviaries, I saw my first toucan!  (and second, and third, and...

I have some videos to upload from this aviary too.
[Video placeholder] 

 Between the exhibits the park was like a rainforest.

 The harpy eagle is one of the biggest in the world.
 I only got to see it from a distance, but it looked like it would be about a meter tall!  Wow!
How handsome...
 Actually, despite that hideous poster, he spread his wings just as we got there and was really quite beautiful. There was also a "chick" in the cage with half down and half feathers... bigger than a full grown chicken!

 Inside the butterfly and hummingbird house.  This butterfly was as big as my whole hand, and the inner side of the wings iridescent blue.

 There was a large macaw aviary that we could walk through.

I was unable to get a good photo of the birds in flight, but they are absolutely stunning.  In this enclosure they would fly past so close that sometimes the feathers would brush my skin.

I am laughing here because as soon as this guy was put on me he quickly started running up my arm. After sweeing those others biting through wood chips for fun, I was a little concerned that he might be going for my ear.

 Brazil is famed for gemstones, and in the gift shop were these amazing birds carved of semiprecious stones.

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