Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2: Iguaçu Falls - downstream

23 February 2012

Today we went to one of the most amazing places in the world, Iguaçu Falls.  This entry is more difficult, because even after culling out the lousy pictures, there are still well over a hundred, and I must narrow it down to a manageable selection to post here.  To make it more manageable for those who don't have strong internet connections, I will split this into two parts - the downstream part of the falls and the main body of the falls.

This was my first view of the falls at the trailhead.  I was so overwhelmed by the amazing size, sound and beauty of it that I wept in the presence of God (and all the tourists surrounding me).  Little did I know that this is downstream from the falls, just the "little" stuff.  The trail winds down the hillside and along the cliffs going upstream (left) from here and eventually reaches the main concentration of the falls. 
I managed to pull myself together to take the obligatory photo standing in front of it.
 We walked down the trail a bit and here is the next viewpoint.
Everyone was waiting their turn to cram into this tiny little overlook to take a photo.
 Including me.
First rainbow of the day!  It was cloudy off and on that day, which was good for avoiding sunburn, but perhaps not as good for photography.  When the sun peeked out it was always amazing.
This overlook had the first view upstream to the main part of the falls called Garganta do Diablo (Devil's Throat).

 Looking straight across from here.
Just this "small" downstream part was pretty spectacular on its own.
Getting closer... here we got the first glimpse of the walkway that goes out over the river.
 Falling rocks, oh noooooooo!!!!
 And closer....

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