Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2 - Iguaçu Falls - Devil's Throat

23 February 2012

Continuing on, we came to the walkway which goes right out over the river for a direct view of Garganta do Diablo (Devil's Throat).  I can't even describe the noise from here, it was like a constant pressure on the whole body.

It was really wet out here - I am wiping water out of my eyes because I can't see.  Notice how much water was on the camera lens.
 Looking downstream from the bridge - this shows how the falls on this side have two "steps" and the bridge is on the step, so we didn't really experience the full height from the river level to the top of the falls.
 Yay, another rainbow!
 Looking upstream into the Devil's Throat from the end of the walkway.

The other side (Argentina).
Here is a video taken from the end of the bridge.
 Now we are soaking wet.
These folks came prepared.

 At the left hand side of the falls grew this lovely morning-glory.

A video taken from here.
 At the side is an elevator which takes people up to a platform to view the falls from above.
To illustrate the scale, the Devil's Throat extends off to the left from here.
 Looking straight down at the lower level.
The falls from above.

Here is a video of the same view.
From here we could walk to the parking lot, where we had lunch in the food and shopping area.  It is at the level of the upper part of the river.  Boat ride above the falls, anyone?  The tiny ants in the distance are tourists on the Argentina side.
 A zoomed in view of the Argentinian side.  There was not much wind and I waited forever for that flag to pick up enough to see it!

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