Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2: Critters of Iguaçu

23 February 2012

In an attempt to break up the large quantity of photos I took on this trip, I decided to make a separate entry for the animals I saw at Iguaçu Falls.

First, the butterflies.  There were many more types - these were just the ones I was able to photograph.
Love the long green tongue on this one!
 My friend was able to coax it into spreading its wings for the camera. 
 The below red and black butterfly was several meters away and this was the best pic I got. 
A large raptor - many of them were wheeling around the sky around the Falls. I was told that it is an urubu, which in English is a new world vulture, not sure which type.
 The overlook point of the falls had a kind of metal grill landing and beneath it this fellow was sleeping.  No one was certain what animal it was, so please comment if you know.  It was about half a meter long and had dark gray fur tipped in a light brown.  It is not a capybara but could be another large rodent.
 Now, for the not real animals... wooden toucans in the gift shop.
Parts of Brazil are famous for precious and semi-precious gems.  These incredibly lifelike bird carvings are all done in semiprecious stones.  Mom, I wish I had enough money to buy you one of them.

 There was a stone lizard too.  Good choice of stone for this guy.
Back to real animals, my first view of a quati (coati).  These were quite fearless - this one was going back and forth between the trees and the food court. They are kind of like anteaters, but obviously they like other food too (people food).

And if the one wasn't cool enough, along came a whole family!  The baby quatis were super cute.

 This guy stuck his nose right into an anthill and was rooting around in it for a tasty snack.

 One of the little ones climbed up a tree where it appeared to be eating the fruit or seed pods.

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