Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Churrasco and fubá

21 February 2012

I was invited to visit the home of one of my students for a family lunch.

They are from São Paulo, not gaúchos, but believe me, this man can make a fantastic churrasco.

This family is a great example of Brazil's cultural diversity - their heritage is Japanese-Polish-Russian-German.
They are from São Paulo, not native gaúchos, but believe me, this man can make a fantastic churrasco.  After lunch, I learned how to make a traditional Brazilian style corn cake called fubá.  It is very similar to a sweet cornbread.
 Mmmmmmm, fresh from the oven!

 It rained like crazy and after the rain, "Gary" came out for a stroll (slide?).  
 I'm told that land snails this large are quite common.
  My Brazilian friends were equally fascinated when I told them about California's banana slugs. :)


  1. Juliana Danyluk Mäder05 March, 2012 10:20

    Oh, Mary... you are very special for us... It was a wondeful afternoon. Thank you for your presence in our home. you are always welcome!!!

  2. It was indeed a wonderful afternoon, Ju. Thank you so much!