Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Day 8, Goodbye Rio

28 December 2011

Even on the way out, I couldn't stop taking photos from the bus window.

I was almost too slow to catch a picture of this, just barely got it.  The peach colored wall is the side of a church right up against the road.  The little window on the building is open and contains a Bible for passers by to read.
Looking up through the heart of Favela Vidigal tothe view of Dois Irmaos partially obscured by clouds.  The blue wall is part of some kind of monument which looks pretty shiny and new compared to the rest of the favela, must have been a recent public works project.
 Note to self, when/if I visit Rio again, I want to rent a bike to go up and down the beaches so I can cover more area.  The bus doesn't stop when I want to take a photo!

Only in Brazil... an outdoor gym right on the beach, for the ultimate in showing off.  And they do, even on the Parcourse type exercise stations on the sidewalk.  Watching two or three Brazilian guys using the equipment for pull-ups and so on is like watching peacocks strutting.
Forgot your bikini?  No problem!
Getting closer to New Year's eve, so the beach is much more crowded than when I arrived, despite the weather.

I want this Brazilian flag sarong so much!  Yes, I'm a tourist and I'm not ashamed!
Cool view of Copacabana.  The sidewalk all along the beach has this black and white design, you can see it even in tourist items such as the sarong in the above photo.

 I would have loved some close-ups of these wonderful sand sculptures and their artists.

Something to do with equipment for the New Year celebration on the beach - brought to you by Coca-Cola.
 A performance stage being set up for New Year's eve.
There were a lot of these kiosks on the sidewalk selling beer, snacks, and coconuts.
 The northern end of Copacabana, also brought to you by Coca-Cola.
 This beautiful old church probably once stood out in the neighborhood majestically, but now it's wedged between a hill on the right, a massive shopping complex on the left, and an extremely busy thoroughfare in front. Sigh.
 Soccer graffiti.

Crossing the bay (?) on a long, low bridge to get to the airport.  Reminded me of one of the SF Bay bridges,  possibly Dumbarton, it's been many years and I can't remember for sure.
 Looking back, I can see the famous Sugarloaf mountain in the distance.
 The clouds were dismal when seen from the ground (see above pics), but from the air, they were GORGEOUS.

 The view just before landing in Porto Alegre.

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