Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Birthday in Brazil

28 February 2012

I had two birthday parties today, one at school and one at a pub. I am so lucky to be here in Brazil and surrounded by such wonderful people. Thanks to all who sent me birthday greetings, it was so lovely to hear from everyone. I am filled with gratitude for all of you - you are the wind beneath my wings.

This pic is at school.  I couldn't ask for a nicer group of coworkers.  

And later on, at the pub... the second pub, that is.  Turns out that the one I had chosen is closed on Tuesday evenings, so there was a mad flurry of phone calls to change the location and then all was well.

Everyone wanted a turn at photos, so I did my best to run around the table and get pics with everyone.  I think some of the pictures ended up on other people's cameras, so maybe I can add them later.
Almost a smile!

Cool, radioactive beer!  I wonder if it explains all the glowing eyes in my photos... nah, I had better figure out where the red-eye setting is on my camera.
We had so many tables pushed together that these two guys (in the above and below photos) were phoning each other from opposite ends of the table.

Ah, to be serenaded with the birthday song by friends.  Getting old isn't so bad at moments like this.

Group picture at the end of the evening.  A couple of people had left already; hopefully I can get some photos from their camera to add here.
 Another spontaneous rendition of the birthday song at the end of the evening (the third or fourth time, I think).
Looky, pretty stuffs!  The gifts I received were all very generous and thoughtful.

Bonus photos!!!

 Me being a goober...

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