Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hepi Burtdaiti

07 February 2012

Five weeks into the new year and already the third birthday party.  At this rate, I might actually remember the words to the Brazilian birthday song before I leave Brazil!

My friends have this thing about watermelons, it's become quite a running joke among the group. The birthday girl was honored with her own special watermelon.
 On the back, there is a message in secret code "HEPI BURTDAITI".
 Here she is, Miss Watermelon!
I've heard of a heartbreaker, what about a heart-eater?
 An hour and a half after the start time, everyone has finally arrived and we are ready for photos!  the waiter obliged and was taking photos with two cameras simultaneously, one in each hand.
 Ooops, caught someone taking a bite of pizza...
 And done!
Hanging outside the restaurant saying goodbyes, the guys suddenly all were dancing and singing... and I swear none of them were drunk. After all, everyone had to work the next day as it was a Tuesday night.
That is one of the many things I love about my friends... the ability to be silly and crazy naturally.

Walking home, the full moon had risen and since I had my camera handy, I took a few pictures of the moon, and was rewarded with these...


  1. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha all funny Mary!


  2. Obrigada Álvaro!
    Abraçcos xox