Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another birthday!

04 February 2012

Another birthday, this one celebrated with a barbecue.  Since it is summer here, the party was a barbecue held outdoors in an apartment complex common area.  The weather was perfect, a bit cooler than it had been for days.

I didn't remember to bring my camera (oh, the shame!), but fortunately, others did and have been kind enough to share the photos.

The first present... what could it be?
 The birthing... er, I mean the unwrapping...
 It's a watermelon!
Aaaaaaannnnnd here's the new arrival!
 Awww, it looks just like its papa, how sweet.
Wait, it already has a tattoo?
 Speaking of proud papas... look who was the handsomest guy at the party!  This little guy charmed everyone.
Baby playing guitar... All that and talent too?

Looooook, the baby is doing something cute again!

 Baby disco.

The chefs, hard at work.  Mmmmm, meat!
 The barbecue area is covered, so even if it rains the party will be perfect. 

 The  mandatory group photo!
Look at the family resemblance in the shape of the mouth in this photo between papa and melon...
 Brother & sister dancing.
 The rest joining in!

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