Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Party!

14 January 2012

This day was the 30th birthday of a very special friend!  She had a small party at home with family and friends, barbecue, food, music, and laughter.

(Note: I normally avoid posting people's names on my blog to protect their internet privacy.)

The birthday girl, receiving strange gifts... a gourd that says "hollow leg" and has a face on the other side.

First, some family photos.

And then some pictures with the rest of us.

The Brazilian version of the birthday song.

The moment of truth. Can she blow out the candles on the first try?

Sort of... but they were trick candles.  Nice try!  I think it still counts for a wish.

 Mmmmm, cake.
 I swear, we really didn't drink THAT much...

 The family has a young boxer who is obsessed with balloons.  the dog would bounce the balloon in the air with her nose over and over, it was really cute.

I'm not sure how my camera did this, but it turned out cool.
Here's a video so you can see how cute she is.

 Not everyone likes playing with dogs... hilarious moment caught on film!


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