Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gramado Tour and Christmas Parade, part 2

04 December 2011

There were so many photos on this trip that I needed to split it into two entries.  Comments to follow.  Just trying to get all photos uploaded because I've gotten so far behind.

During the parade, there were machines emitting soap bubble "snow".  It looked really beautiful and smelled fresh and clean, too!  After the parade ended, the Brazilians (most of whom have never experienced real snow) rushed to the center of the street to try to play in the "snow".  One of my friends did so, and in this pic you can see the little bits of foam in his hair.

Here is a video that someone else took of the parade, to show you how beautiful it was.  Apparently this person was in the reserved seating area and had a nice clear view of the parade.

For contrast, below is one of my videos so that you can experience what it looks like when you are standing in the midst of the crowd, holding your camera above your head to try to "see" the parade.

If I could go again, I would definitely pay for reserved seating, this show is gorgeous and professional and well worth the money.

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